Production Product special point

Ø  support hold each Species all Electricity Pool、 half Electricity Pool, three Electricity pole Measurement test, suitable use to Electricity Pool material material and to make Product research Research、 law Pull Electricity Capacity material material and to make Product research Research,0~5V all the amount Cheng can control。

Ø  support hold fine dense research Research Measurement test,0.01% Of Electricity Pressure、 Electricity flow fine degree。

Ø  support hold high倍 rate fast Charge research Research,30C can Da0.01% Of Capacity the amount fine degree;100C can Da0.1% Of Capacity the amount fine degree。

Ø  support hold from set Righteousness pulse Flush Measurement test, most small pulse width2mS。

Ø  all square Bit cover cover research Research Place need Electricity Pressure、 Electricity flow、 Capacity the amount、 can the amount、 effect rate、 Electricity Capacity、 Inside Resistance Wait Reference number Of Measurement the amount Remember record。

Ø  Assume Prepare from bandUPS with Save Storage, Have effect Defense stop宕 machine、 Burst Of course Broken Electricity、 network Network Therefore barrier Wait situation condition number according to throw Lost damage Bad。

Ø  hard Piece Over Charge Over put Guarantee Protection, Have effect avoid Free Measurement test different often situation condition。

Sex can Means Standard

item Head

instrument Device Means Standard

the amount Cheng

files Bit

Fan Wai

fine degree( control system versus Pick kind)

control system Minute Distinguish rate

Pick kind Minute Distinguish rate

Electricity Pressure1

5V  ( can put Electricity to-5V)*1




Electricity flow1





Electricity flow2





Electricity flow3





Electricity flow4





Electricity flow control system Fan Wai

15nA ~ 5A

through Road number


超碰视频日本在线视频 Cheng step number


Time between

fine degree

≤±5uS/S ( Assume Prepare from the Lord control system Transport Row, no through letter Wait Time between Delay late error difference)

most small work step Time between


most small pulse Flush Time between


Pick kind control system between Separate


lose Enter Resistance anti-


temperature degree drift shift


ring should Time between

Electricity flow0~90% 1mS Electricity flow-90~90% 3mS

number according to Pick kind

Pick kind rate

100Hz( Pick kind between Separate Time between10mS*2

Assume Set square formula

between Separate Time between、 Pick kind frequency rate、 between Separate Electricity flow、 between Separate Capacity the amount、 between Separate Electricity Pressure、 between Separate can the amount

Over Cheng control system

work Make mold formula

靜 Set / Constant flow Charge put Electricity/ Constant Pressure Charge put Electricity/ Constant flow Constant Pressure Charge put Electricity/ 倍 rate Charge put Electricity / Constant Work rate Charge put Electricity / Constant Resistance Charge put Electricity / pulse Flush Charge put Electricity / oblique slope Charge put Electricity

cut stop article Piece

Time between / Electricity Pressure / Electricity flow / Work rate / Capacity the amount / can the amount / Follow ring number / week period number

Guarantee Protection

Over Pressure、 owe Pressure、 Over flow、 owe flow、 Over Charge、 Over put、 Over Charge倍 rate、 Over put倍 rate

Broken Electricity Guarantee Protection、 Broken network Guarantee Protection、宕 machine Guarantee Protection

Work can support hold

DCIR、 Electricity Capacity meter Count、 work step pulse Flush、 three Electricity pole Measurement test( Reference ratio Measurement test)、DQ/DV

lose Out square formula

four Electricity pole( support hold Reference ratio Electricity pole Measurement test)

through letter square formula

10/100M Ethernet(RJ45)USB(Console)

ring territory Want begging

temperature degree Fan Wai

0~40℃(23±2℃ most good fine degree)

wet degree Fan Wai

90% no Condensate dew

work Make Electricity source

AC220V~±10% 50Hz / AC110V~±10% 60Hz,  400W 3

machine box ruler Inch

2U  W*H*L:430*300*87(mm)

Note:  1. Electricity Pressure the amount Cheng can set system, Fan Wai2~8V。

      2. Pick kind rate can set system1000Hz( Pick kind between Separate Time between1mS)。

      3. for Obtained Got most good Measurement test fine degree versus Ann all, Business must good it is good Connect Ground。 Assume Prepare Make use before, need heat machine30 Minute bell。

on One Article:M340A_V5C100MT8

under One Article: No Have Up

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