32 road temperature degree auxiliary help through Road

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Production Product special point:

  ● Pick useT type heat Electricity I temperature degree pass sense Device;超碰超碰超级大香蕉av

  ● Measurement temperature ring should speed degree fast;

  ● Pick use cold end補 Pay box Of Special Profit Technology Operation Make Measurement temperature more quasi- Indeed;

  ● Measurement temperature Fan Wai width(-50~200℃);

  ● single station with Time support hold32 road temperature degree with Time Check Measurement;

  ● Pick use24 Bit high fine degreeADC Enter mouth Pick set core sheet;

regulation grid type number

temperature degree auxiliary help through Road

lose Enter Reference number


through Road number


lose Enter Resistance anti-


temperature degree fine degree


temperature degree Minute Distinguish rate


meter Count machine system System Time between

±1S( no tired meter error difference)

temperature degree Measurement the amount Fan Wai


noise sound


through Road control system mold formula

alone Standing control system

lose Enter Work rate


regulation grid ruler Inch

440mm( width)*211mm( deep)*44.5mm( high)

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under One Article:32 road Electricity Pressure auxiliary help through Road

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