Electricity Pool Match group instrument

 Electricity Pool Match group instrument.jpg

Production Product special point:

support hold width Electricity Pressure cross flow lose Enter200~240V 50/60Hz for Electricity

Pick use color color Electricity Resistance formula touch touch Screen control system Electricity Pool Charge put Electricity Match group Wait 外国夫妻性爱自拍 Make, simple clean Bright Up Of people machine boundary surface Make use Household fast speed on hand;

suitable Combined each Species string Union Electricity Pool group、 and Union Electricity Pool group Of Electricity Pressure match Match with Capacity the amount match Match;

match Match Electricity Pool Electricity Pressure width:0~5V

match Match Electricity Pool Capacity the amount Fan Wai Big:1~200Ah

● Assume Prepare Connect mouth no Electricity Pressure from move stop stop match Match;

● support hold city surface on often see Of two Times Electricity Pool class type

● suitable use Correct Elephant wide pan- package include new can source vapor car、 Electricity move two wheel/ three wheel car、UPS Do not between Broken Electricity source、 no people machine Wait Inside Contain two Times Electricity Pool group Of work With with Assume Prepare;

● suitable use field Combined package include vapor car4S shop、 Electricity move car Row、 public Division Enterprise industry、 group body with One people;

Means Standard item Head

Electricity Pool Match group instrument

lose Enter Electricity source

AC200V~240V 50/60Hz

lose Out Work rate


Defense Protection Wait level


Capacity the amount Fan Wai


Electricity Pressure Pick kind Minute Distinguish rate


Assume Prepare ruler Inch



Electricity Pressure

Electricity Pressure Fan Wai


Electricity Pressure fine degree



Electricity flow

Electricity flow Fan Wai


Electricity flow fine degree


Assume Prepare net weight


noise sound


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