10 Billion nice yuan Of melt Capital will help help Europe Continent most Big Of lithium from child Electricity Pool work plant build Standing

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   From early, by to lack Lack Production industry Politics Policy, Europe Continent throw abandoned Up in Light Volt system Make collar area Of first hair excellent Potential, Now in, Europe Alliance under set Decision heart, avoid Free in Electricity Pool collar area weight Dance cover轍。 Rui Code Enterprise industry Family He Got· card Seoul Sen(Peter Carlsson) Invasive Standing Of promise S Volt special public Division(Northvolt) Has through Obtained Got Up10 Billion nice yuan Of melt Capital, This pen Capital gold will for its Take Got Europe Continent Electricity Pool city field Lay set base foundation。


   promise S Volt special public Division table Show, Raise set Capital gold Of fiscal group by Big Public set group(Volkswagen Group) with high Sheng(Goldman Sachs) Business industry silver Row unit door Pull head,日韩av免费不卡视频 to make member also package include treasure horse set group(BMW Group)、 Rui Code Guarantee risk public DivisionFolksam Group Take and versus should Family Have turn off Union OfIMAS base gold meeting。 another outer, Europe Continent cast Capital silver Row to this year5 month Share Batch quasi- Up The public Division One pen4 Billion nice yuan Of loan paragraph,美女撒尿真人自拍 help help its build Standing lithium from child Electricity Pool Health Production base Ground。

   First two Onegigafactory( ultra level work plant)

   promise S Volt special public Division in Rui Code Have One One research Research real Test room, also Have Two One positive in build Assume Of Electricity Pool work plant, Minute do not yesNorthvolt Ett withNorthvolt Labs,超碰97gb最新 Take and One 欧美性爱暴缸图 Bit to wave Blue Of Electricity Pool system System work plant, The work plant Has through cast Enter Health Production。 The public Division table Show, new Note Enter Of10 Billion nice yuan Capital gold Pre meter use Come will Rui Code Of Electricity Pool work plantNorthvolt Ett Expand build for“ ultra level work plant”, This or Xu yes Europe Continent first One lithium from child Electricity Pool ultra level work plant,日本av成人 The meter Draw will to this year8 month Share open beginning Enter Row。 Do tube work plant Big many also not Finish all to make type, but Europe Continent from build Electricity Pool work plant Of before view ten Minute Light Bright, The public Division table Show, Has versus many Family for should Business Da to make Up for should Association Discussion, cut to2030 year Of Order single total amount ultra Over Up130 Billion nice yuan。


   The public Division will negative responsibility live Sex material material Of system Prepare、 Electricity Pool group Loading、 return Receive with auxiliary help Assume Prepare。 and table Show, Place build Standing Of ultra level work plant Of Production can will Expand Big To to less32 GWh。

   except Up ultra level work plant, promise S Volt special public Division with Big Public vapor car also meter Draw to make Standing One Family each hold share50% Of Combined Capital Enterprise industry, will to De country under Sa Gram Sen State build Standing One Family16 GWh Of Electricity Pool work plant。 Pre meter Electricity Pool Of Business industry Chemical Health Production will in2023 year end or2024 year early open beginning。 Big Public high Seoul husband Of Electricity move Version Match Have35kWh Of Electricity Pool Capacity the amount, and One One16 GWh Of work plant each year can Take Health Production will near50 Ten thousand One Electricity move high Seoul husband car Electricity Pool。


   wild heart Bo Bo Of Europe Continent Enterprise industry

   promise S Volt special public Division Be recognize for yes Wei Big Of in Cheng monument, not Come will versus in country Of rather De Time generation with ratio Asian Di ratio shoulder。 it Standard Zhi The Europe Continent positive quasi- Prepare in Electricity gas Chemical Of not Come versus all world boundary Of Electricity Pool Production industry Enter Row Competition Struggle, and Decision heart through Over Electricity Pool real Now Put two oxygen Chemical carbon row put the amount drop To most low Of can can Sex。 Europe Alliance to make Standing Up Electricity Pool Union Alliance Take mention Rise Europe Continent system Make Business in all ball city field Of collar first Ground Bit。 Europe Alliance Committee member meeting(European Commission) Pre Measurement: only full foot Europe Alliance Of need begging on need Want10-20 One ultra level work plant。 through Over from build work plant, From2025 year From, Europe Continent each year can Take Obtained Got price value2820 Billion nice yuan Of Electricity Pool city field。

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